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Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with pre-pro students in the United States and internationally.

Here are some of their thoughts about working with me.

Working with Cece helped to make the company audition process manageable and even empowering! Being supported through each step brought down my stress and allowed me to both identify and highlight my best qualities for potential future directors.

Recognizing that what I value in a company matters I could direct my priorities. Her encouraging feedback and generosity helped me to feel confident in the material I sent out.

Josephine Shadle

Grand Rapids Ballet, Trainee

"What a great experience to talk with a professional dancer! Thank you Cécilia for your generosity. Your advice and your experience allowed me to be more confident for the auditions process."

Aurélie Brunet

Danse de Lyon, Junior Company

“Going into audition season I had no clue where to start or what I even needed to be doing or sending to companies. CC guided me through, step by step, personally making suggestions on my resume and answering any questions that came up along the way. I can now say that I am going into audition season confident that I know everything I need to know, and that I have included all of the little things that will maximize my chances of being noticed by companies.”

Alyssa Seeman

Utah Metropolitan Ballet, Company Dancer

"CC shared her wealth

of knowledge, continually boosted

my confidence

throughout the whole

audition process,

and became a

lifelong connection and

source for advice!"

Abby Hannuksela

St. Louis Ballet, Company Member

"Taking on audition season felt extremely daunting, especially as someone who was new to the company audition process. CC was there to provide insight on specific details I would never have considered important, that helped me shine and present myself in the most unique and honest way."

Olivia Jacobus

Kansas City Ballet, Apprentice

“I can’t thank CC enough for all of her help with my audition materials. She has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the audition process and makes it so simple to understand. She laid everything out for me and relieved so much of the stress I was feeling in regards to creating my resume, audition video, and cover letter. She was incredibly generous with her advice and time and I could not have prepared for auditions without her.”

Lilli Etheredge

New Jersey Ballet, Company Dancer

"The audition process can be overwhelming. Everything you have to film, write, and send, it can start to feel like it’s all piling up on top of you. CC helped me manage the workload, gave me perspective, and helped split the work up so it wasn’t so daunting!"

Gwen Vandenhoeck

Kansas City Ballet, New Artist

"CC helped me feel confident and prepared for company auditions. She was always ready to  answer any questions I had throughout the  process and her kindness and feedback were essential in helping me put my best foot forward."

Alessandra Nova

Sarasota Ballet, Apprentice

“CC’s coaching emphasizes marketing yourself to companies as a whole person, not just as a dancer. She has helped me to recognize my individuality, and learn what sets me apart. This shift of mentality has helped my personality shine through in my dancing as well. Though auditions are still stressful, I feel so much more prepared after working with CC. She is kind, knowledgeable, and honest. CC will care for you and your journey, and support you in any way she can as you navigate the road to success.”

Abby Hannuksela

St. Louis Ballet, Company Member


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